Speaking Out...

I've been watching how we (the church) talk about social issues online for the past few years. I've noticed something both fascinating and discouraging: we are selective about the injustice we speak out against.

Whether it's an act of radical Islamic terrorism, violence against police during a protest, the break down of sexual ethics, or the widespread nature of abortion... conservative christians would speak up loud and clear.

However, when stories would emerge about police brutality towards minorities, violence enacted towards muslims in America, or racist rhetoric coming from "white nationalist" groups... conservative christians are deafeningly silent.

On the other hand...

Progressive Christians rightly speak out whenever we see stories about racism, intolerance, greed or corruption...

Yet I've rarely seen a progressive Christian condemn violence against law enforcement officers, speak out against unbiblical sexuality or ethics, nor have I seen them speak out against abortion (even if they personally are against it).

Christians: this is wrong.

What this implies is that we see ourselves as political players on "teams", and we will only speak out against the injustice that earns our team "points."

Are we so tribal that we refuse to speak out against a story just because we think that those in our own "tribe" might judge us? Are we slaves to repeating the party lines into echo chambers?

We need to break free. The issues I listed above are not liberal or conservative issues. They are human issues.

Racism, White Supremacy, Police Brutality, violence against police, violent protest, abortion, Islamiphobia, radical Islamic terrorism, disrespect of God's sexual ethic, and legalistic hatred and trolling of those who live in sexual sin, are all wrong because all humans are made in the image of God and are valuable in His sight, and in Jesus' eyes were loved so much that he was willing to die for them on the Cross.

What if we stopped searching news stories to find the viewpoint that supported our "team?" What if we realized how this divisiveness is literally tearing or country and world apart?

What if we realized that as Christians we are literally Christ Followers and are all on the same team?

What if we stood together, unified, and as a Church we called sin what it is? What if we spoke out about injustice, no matter what political side it benefited or criticized? What if we cared more about the least of these than the status quo? What if we communicated to the people that we disagree with that we love them and desperately want to see them come to know Christ?

Now more than ever we need to wake up and see the truth: partisan politics are poison to the Way of Jesus.

See one another as people. Fight injustice in all its forms. Remember that God's kindness leads to repentance, and remember that our battle is by against flesh and blood, but the true enemy.


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