Hope Beyond Hurricanes

In the beginning God created the land and the skies: the heavens and the earth... and it was good. Really good. The perfect place to live... that is, before the rebellion. Before humans allowed the forces of sin to creep into this world.

Now the world is broken, deeply wounded at its very core. Creation: animals, humanity, and even the earth itself... is slowly dying from a snake-bite wound inflicted long ago in a garden.

Into the order that Yahweh was so proud of, the enemy brought chaos: disasters, diseases, destruction and death.

Lately we've been seeing a lot of these things.

Do not be afraid. There is hope!

King Jesus is on the way to restore order. To set things right. To fix what is broken. The Son is rising on the dawn of the new creation. The storm-breaker will calm the chaos of the deep.

One day we will see a new Heaven and a new Earth. Resurrected. Restored. How they were always meant to be.

A world without hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, and where the only fires are the ones burning within our hearts as we look upon the Risen Jesus.


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