A Chat With David

Had a lovely chat today with a new friend named David.

He's a former British military man, a husband, father and grandfather, a Catholic who married an Anglican, and most of all, a lover of Jesus Christ (as it says on his hat!)

It's amazing how through Jesus you can turn a stranger into a friend in an instant. Blessed to hear this mans heart for Israel (he and his wife pray constantly for the conversion of the Jews to Jesus), and his heart to pray for America and our political leaders to fully surrender to Christ.

Hearing from a former military man, it's amazing to see his passion for loving his enemies and praying for those who persecute, or how the Lord has allowed him to practice the gifts of the spirit and lead others to Christ through some of those instances.

I encourage young christians to reach out to those who are older in your churches. Hear their life stories and what God has done in and through them. So encouraging. There's so much wisdom to be found in the body of Christ.


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